Geneva, Switzerland, 2003

Entrance stained-glass

Side stained-glasses

Choir stained-glasses

The Calvin audience is a place of worship and meditation. The windows proposed in this project are presented as architectural elements that awaken the feeling of contemplation that emanates from the audience in order to facilitate the return on oneself, to allow the progression of a swirling exterior towards a soothing interior.

Also, as opposed to external time, mechanical, productive, social time, regular and homogeneous ticking, all these stained glasses are composed in the opposite direction of the clockwise.
The entrance window is designed from the outside to the center, a metaphor for the internalizing movement necessary for meditation and prayer. Its colours are an emanation of the rainbow, red, yellow, green, blue, decomposition of white light, thus representing the variety and uniqueness of the world. The colored pattern obtained, without marked dominance, introduces all the other stained-glass windows.
The four side windows are “meditative variations”. The composition of each of them is the same, but the permutations of the order of colors give a dominance to each, suggesting different ways of meditation.
The choir is the result of meditation. The three windows composing it were worked as a whole, from the center to the outside, representing the radiation of the being after having found himself. The bursting burst of color expresses inner peace and openness, then possible, to others.