The mandala series are composed following the serial painting rules in a spiral motion from the outside towards the centre (centripetal) or from the centre towards the outside (centrifugal), clockwise (dextrogyre) or anticlockwise (levogyre).

All paintings are oil on canvas.

Mandala 2, 2015,40x40 cm

Mandala 4, 2015, 40x40 cm

Blue mandala, 2004
100x100 cm

Levofugal mandala 2 sunny, 2005
100x100 cm

Moz mandala, 2008, 100x100 cm
mozambican ochre

Dextrogyre mandala 2, 2000, 94x94 cm

Levogyre mandala 1, 2001, 90.5x90.5 cm

Mandala lévopète 1, 2001, 90x90 cm, (sold)