Rhythms of colors from the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series

The Golden section

4 golden rectangles of 4 colors, blue, green, yellow and red, are superimposed in a counter-clockwise rotation

Serial paintings

Synesthetic image of pop music

Musical tales

Mandala inspired by the Temple of Borobudur


Geometric expansion built from the numbers, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and 34, of the Fibonacci series in the colors of reggae, red, yellow and green.


Aquatint in homage to Josef Albers composed of 5 squares of colors in expansion according to Fibonacci

Etchings, aquatints

Serigraphy of a mandala printed with the colors red, yellow and blue in a counter-clockwise rotation, mathematical direction of rotation.


Stained glass window above the entrance of the Calvin auditorium in Geneva


The Artist


How to create a pictorial music or a musical painting?
A music of rhythm and notes, a painting of forms and colors.
Serial paintings are the result of pictorial, geometric and arithmetic rules build on the golden section
and colour combinations or permutations based on the Fibonacci series.
Composition is the resulting scheme of harmony of proportions.
Colour is the playing result of harmony of a scale.
Matter plays with mass equilibrium.
Canvas is a dialogue between these two elements.

Ivan Sizonenko was born in Paris, France on September 1960. He has lived in Geneva, Switzerland, since December 1969.
In 1983, he obtained a master’s degree in Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology locatedin Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1993, he obtained a bachelor degree in Science History and Philosophy.
After a 15-year practice in art photography during 15 years, he felt the need for a more in-depth research  in colour and materials. The limitations of photography techniques had him look for a richer language that would allow him to express himself more readily. This language is painting.
The need for gesture, for a physical relationship with matter, the desire for more personal colors, real or virtual, the playing on the parameters and structure of images, such as composition, colors and materials are the origin of this turning point in his life.


“Paintings”, La Ferme Rosset, Troinex, Switzerland, from 9th through 26 May 2019

“Salon des Réalités Nouvelles”, Paris, France, 2004-2007, 2009-2018        

Collective exhibition ” Art et mathematics “, Abstract Project gallery, Paris, France, March 2018      

Mondial A3, Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland, June-July 2009

” 1999-2006 “, Ramada hotel, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2007

” Chromophonies “, L’Artquarium gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, November 2005      

Collective exhibition, Gora gallery, Montréal, Québec, Canada, July 2005          

21ème Artex, Japanese Contemporary Art Association, Ono gallery, Tokyo, Japan, December 2004

1st international contemporary Amagasaki Art contest,
Japanese Contemporary Art Association, Shinto Isagu sanctuary,
cultural village Kamisakabe, Osaka, Japan, 9th, 10th and 11th October 2004

20th Artex Japanese Contemporary Art Association,
Ward-Nasse gallery, New-York, USA, from 2nd through 8th July 2004, Encouragement prize winner

IXth Contemporary Art Contest, Atelier Z gallery, Paris, France, from 17th through 23rd April 2004         

Salon d’automne, “The Centenary”, Paris, France, from 14th through 23rd November 2003

Collective exhibition of 10 artists, ” Painting-s”,
industrial hall of Sécheron SA, Geneva, Switzerland, from 2nd through 30th May 2003

Collective exhibition with C. Maillefer, “Geometrics”,
at Cour St Pierre gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, from 12th September through 8th October 2002

” Serial paintings “, Arts Chapel, Geneva, Switzerland, from 6th April through 18th May 2001            

” Matter-light”, Arts Chapel, Geneva, Switzerland, from 9th through 23rd May 1998

” Faces and landscapes” at Fontaine Décoration, Geneva, Switzerland, from 1st through 11th May 1996


13 rue des Pitons
1205 Geneva, Switzerland