The Artist


How to create a pictorial music or a musical painting?
A music of rhythm and notes, a painting of forms and colors.
Serial paintings are the result of pictorial, geometric and arithmetic rules build on the golden section
and color combinations or permutations based on the Fibonacci series.
Composition is the playing result of harmony of proportions.
Color is the playing result of harmony of a scale.
Matter plays with mass equilibrium.
Canvas is a dialogue between these two elements.

Ivan Sizonenko was born in Paris, France on September 1960. He lives in Geneva, Switzerland, since december 1969.
He obtained a master degree in Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in 1983. In 1993, he obtained a bachelor degree in Science History and Philosophy.
After practicing art photography during 15 years, he felt the need for a more in-depth research in color and materials. The limitations of photography techniques have generated in him the search for a richer language in which he could express himself more readily. This language is painting.
The need for gesture, for a physical relationship with matter, the desire for more personal colors, real or virtual, the playing on the parameters and structure of images, such as composition, colors and materials are the origin of this turning point in his life.