Paintings based on Fibonacci series


The terms of Fibonacci's series are:
0,1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, (5+8=) 13, (8+13=) 21, (13+21=) 34, etc…
In these serial compositions, the used terms are 3, 5, 8, 13.

Both sides of the canvasses are divided following a combination of these numbers. The rhythm is given by such a division, the surface of each rectangle expressing the temporal expansion of the note.

The canvas is therefore scanned as a musical score. The rectangles are numbered in lines, from left to right and from top to bottom. A return to go at the end of the last line brings back to the first line.

The choice of four colours indicates the composition's scale, each one being associated to one of the number of the series:

Fundamental colour : number 3
Third colour : number 5
Fifth colour : number 8
Seventh colour : number 13

The fundamental colour is placed from rectangle 3, every 3 rectangle. At the end of the last line, a return to go allows the process continuation till falling on one of the original rectangles i.e. number 3, 5, 8 or 13. Thus do those keep memory of their proper color or note, arpeggio of the chosen scale.

The same process is performed with the third colour from rectangle 5, every 5 rectangle, followed similarly with the fifth colour from rectangle 8 every 8 rectangle, and the seventh colour from the rectangle 13 every 13 rectangle.

Example of a choice of colours: the rainbow scale:

Fundamental colour: red
Third colour : yellow
Fifth colour : green
Seventh colour : blue

During the painting, the colours are superposed.
Every 15 rectangles, the third colour falls on the fundamental colour. Every 24 rectangles the fifth falls on the fundamental colour, etc…

When all these three colours are placed, the rectangles which remain virgin are painted with a colour named resolution colour.
This colour is obtained by the following mixture:

1/3 fundamental colour
1/5 third colour
1/8 fifth colour
1/13 seventh colour

Resolution colour represents musical rest.

Colour permutations within the scale permit series of paintings exploring the same motif. So is the series named "Seasonal Variations".
The series of musical canvasses "Tribute to…" are painted in a colour scale corresponding in a subjective fashion to the honored musician.